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OERC in Action: Lina Osorio-Copete and Tian Lou and the Applied Data Analytics Training Program


Since 2019, the Ohio Education Research Center (OERC) has partnered with the Coleridge Initiative to host the Coleridge Initiative’s Applied Data Analytics Training program. The Applied Data Analytics Training program focuses on increasing public employees’ capacity to skillfully use workforce and postsecondary education administrative records, like those contained in the Ohio Longitudinal Data Archive, to solve public policy problems. The training program accomplishes this goal by assembling a diverse group of public agency personnel and data analysts and then teaching them how to apply data analytic techniques and tools to solve real problems with actual administrative data.

Innovation in Education: Resources for Online Teaching and Learning During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Disruptions in education caused by the sudden shift to online instruction at all grade levels in response to the coronavirus pandemic have underscored the need for proven high-quality, affordable resources to support online teaching and learning. Teachers are challenged to quickly adopt innovative approaches to delivering online lessons, using virtual assessment tools and engaging in countless other activities related to managing their classrooms. The rapid pace of this shift to a new learning environment requires adaptability, flexibility and a willingness to embrace education technology to be successful. Read more here.

Unemployment Insurance Eligibility after COVID-19


Unemployment benefits are increasingly important for Ohioans. Between January 1 and the first week of April over 750,000 people have filed unemployment benefits in the state. This compares with 100,000 during the same time period in 2019. The decline in economic activity has thrown many people out of work. Many workers lost their jobs and are covered by the traditional UI benefits system. However, the federal legislation (CARES Act) and Ohio government have made substantial changes in the eligibility for UI Benefits in response the economic crisis.

Public Sector Data Intern Profile: Maddie Dewhirst


The Ohio Education Research Center — a collaborative of the John Glenn College and the Center for Human Resource Research — offers the Public Sector Data Internship Program for students interested in exploring careers in policy research and evaluation. Students receive instruction on data based methods to investigate policy problems, and work at a state agency in Columbus for the summer.

Ohio’s Workforce Supply Tool


The State of Ohio's Workforce Supply Tool provides employers and job seekers important and actionable information about more than 200 of the most in-demand occupations in Ohio.

Employment Projections: a new tool in Ohio’s Workforce Data Toolbox


The State of Ohio has a new tool in its workforce data toolbox. The new Employment Projections Tool provides job seekers with information on job openings, growth, and wages by occupation in Ohio.

Meet The 2018 Public Sector Data Science Interns


The Public Sector Data Science Internship Program is an internship for rising juniors and seniors in the Glenn College and is a collaboration between the OERC, Glenn College and CHRR.

Are People in Ohio Interested in getting a GED?


How interested are Ohio residents in getting a GED? Perhaps analyzing Google search data can provide some insight.

How Do Ohio Students Fare In Reading Compared To The Rest Of USA?


Ohio students are tested on their reading many times before they graduate. How do our state’s students compare with students from the rest of the nation in reading?

Dropouts In Ohio


The number of high school dropouts in Ohio have decreased in recent years, Dr. Jay Zagorsky presents his most recent analysis of that data.

Higher Education and Workforce Policy


What is the role of government in strategic planning, funding, and monitoring education of higher education?

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