We are a collaboration of six universities and four research organizations that connect research, education, and policy for Ohio’s schools.

We conduct high-quality education research, provide access to research data, and share research findings.

We create synergy among researchers, educators, and policymakers so that Ohio’s education system—from preschool through college—is second to none.

Visualization Highlights Ohio's Higher Education Outcomes

OERC director, Dr. Josh Hawley, and Ohio State University's Center for Human Resource Research have created a data visualization that highlights Ohio’s higher education outcomes. The visualization contains data from 38 Ohio universities and colleges between the years of 2008 and 2010. With this data, the visualization charts program graduates & first year earnings along with the average first year earnings of program graduates & the percent of which were working in Ohio. The visualization is interactive and allows you to select specific universities and years for a... (Read More)

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